Korean War Veterans - Pacific Guardians
18th Fighter Wing Association
Updated March 2017
The 2017 18th Fighter Wing Association Reunion:
Printing Information:
From the TOOLBAR click on “FILE” and select “PRINT PREVIEW”.  (Not all printers are configured the same so ALWAYS pick “PRINT PREVIEW”)  You may have to change the percentage to make it fit in the print area.  From the drop down MENU that says “SHRINK TO FIT” click on the arrow and select a percentage that makes the form fit in the print area.  Once the form fits in the print area select “PRINT”. You can use the same procedure to print the AGENDA. If for some reason you cannot get the form to print email me and I will mail you a Registration Form.  My email is:  john.gearheart1629@gmail.com.  Click on “PRINT REGISTRATION FORM